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Filip Jeremic

Head-To-Head League

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Rules #

  1. You can only join this Head-To-Head league if you are also in the Classic league. This discourages players from having “free” wildcards before the start of the subsequent quarter.
  2. Maximum number of players is 20. This is to ensure each player will play each other at least twice before the end of the season.
  3. Scoring system is broken up into four individual quarters and is outlined below
  4. Payments are to be made by 1:30 p.m. EST Friday August 5th, 2022 or you risk eviction from the league. See the Payment for more details.

Scoring System #

The scoring system is based off of the official Head-To-Head Fantasy Premier League rules. There are four (4) separate quarters in which the players will compete for individual quarter winnings:

Game Weeks (inclusive)# Of Weeks In Quarter
1st quarterGW1 - GW1010
2nd quarterGW11 - GW199
3rd quarterGW20 - GW2910
4th quarterGW30 - GW389

Within each quarter the point system is exactly the same as in the official Head-To-Head scoring system, meaning a win earns you three (3) points, a tie earns you one (1) point, and a loss earns you zero (0) points. The player with the most number of points each quarter is declared the quarter winner. In the event of a point tie the total number of FPL points (as reported on the official Head-To-Head league tables) accumulated in the respective quarter will be used as a tie breaker. In the event of a point tie and FPL point tie the winnings will be split among the first place finishers.

In the event of game week postponements (ex. due to COVID-19 or other events), each game week postponed will be added to the number of game weeks played in the corresponding quarter. For example if two (2) game weeks are postponed in Q3, then the total number of game weeks played in Q3 will be 9 + 2 = 11.

Real-time up-to-date Standings will be made available once the Head-To-Head matches are scheduled on the official league page.

Payout Structure #

The following payout structure will be used to distribute the funds collected at the end of each quarter. The overall winner is the winner of the official Head-To-Head league as dictated by the official rules (the first place head-to-head finisher at the end of the season).

1st quarter winner20% of pot
2nd quarter winner20% of pot
3rd quarter winner20% of pot
4th quarter winner20% of pot
Overall winner20% of pot

Payment #

Payments can only be made via Interac e-Transfer to Please send $100 by 1:30 p.m. EST Friday August 5th, 2022 and include your Team name and Manager name in the description of the Interac e-Transfer.

TeamManagerAmount DueStatus
JFCFilip Jeremic$100🟒Paid
S L A V I J ABojan Samardzija$100🟒Paid
KDBx4Danijel Avlijas$100🟒Paid
PSV IbeensmokinMarko Cholic$100🟒Paid
Top 25 HopefullyIlija Milisic$100🟒Paid
Ko Je Poceo RatMladen Lucic$100🟒Paid
Fk VikdamJuka Alimanovic$100🟒Paid
TOP 5 FCArandjel Djuric$100🟒Paid
Miscallaneous FCĐorΔ‘e C$100🟒Paid
FC Next SeasonIvan J$100🟒Paid
Rolo FCBranko Oluic$100🟒Paid
Shiba ArmyZoran Crnogorac$100🟒Paid
DeeKayDee Kay$100🟒Paid
Milisic fcPetar Milisic$100🟒Paid
IMTNebojsa Milosevic$100🟒Paid
FC POLEMICSStefan Vlatkovic$100🟒Paid
FC DonationMirko Misic$100🟒Paid
Smoke City FCIvan Vojinovic$100🟒Paid
Van Der Trt MrtGoran Lakic$100🟒Paid
19 players total

Standings #

Q1 Standings
RankTeamWinsDrawsLossesPointsFPL Points
2Shiba Army61319552
4PSV Ibeensmokin52317560
5FC Donation51416630
6FK Bevanda51416602
7Fk Vikdam51416597
8FC POLEMICS51416573
9Van Der Trt Mrt51416573
11Rolo FC42414587
12S L A V I J A42414569
13Smoke City FC42414568
15FC Next Season41513612
16Milisic fc41513563
18Top 25 Hopefully32511537

Q2 Standings
RankTeamWinsDrawsLossesPointsFPL Points
1Milisic fc70221556
2Shiba Army61219535
4FC Next Season60318513
5S L A V I J A51316549
6Smoke City FC51316519
8Top 25 Hopefully50415541
9PSV Ibeensmokin50415529
10Fk Vikdam50415506
12FK Bevanda40512492
13Van Der Trt Mrt40512488
14Rolo FC40512466
16FC POLEMICS3069478
19FC Donation2076469

Q3 Standings
RankTeamWinsDrawsLossesPointsFPL Points
1PSV Ibeensmokin70321778
2Shiba Army70321753
4Rolo FC62220734
5S L A V I J A61319747
7FC Next Season60418796
9FC POLEMICS60418760
11Van Der Trt Mrt60418668
12FK Bevanda50515736
14Milisic fc40612760
15Fk Vikdam40612698
16Top 25 Hopefully40612683
17FC Donation40612649
18Smoke City FC2086610

Q4 Standings
RankTeamWinsDrawsLossesPointsFPL Points
1Fk Vikdam90027629
3FC Next Season80124647
6FC POLEMICS60318567
8PSV Ibeensmokin50415589
9Top 25 Hopefully41413580
10S L A V I J A40512578
11Shiba Army40512538
13Milisic fc31510545
14FC Donation31510531
15FK Bevanda3069552
16Smoke City FC2076514
17Rolo FC2076495
19Van Der Trt Mrt1083425