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Filip Jeremic

Classic League

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Rules #

  1. Maximum number of players is ∞
  2. Scoring system is identical to the official Fantasy Premier League
  3. Payments are to be made by 1:30 p.m. EST Friday August 5th, 2022 or you risk eviction from the league. See the Payment for more details.

League Cup #

The league cup starts in the second half of the season. The first week of the cup will be determined based on the number of players in the league. Each team will be randomly drawn against another in the first round. The winner (the team with the highest Game Week score minus any transfer points), will progress to the second round and another random draw, the losers are out! This process continues until the final round when the two remaining teams contest the cup final.

If a cup match is drawn, then the following tie-breaks will be applied until a winner is found:

  1. Most goals scored in the Game Week
  2. Fewest goals conceded in the Game Week
  3. Virtual coin toss

Payout Structure #

The following payout structure will be used to distribute the funds collected on the last day of the current Fantasy Premier League season:

1st50% of pot
2nd25% of pot
3rd10% of pot
4th5% of pot
League Cup Winner10% of pot

Payment #

Payments can only be made via Interac e-Transfer to Please send $100 by 1:30 p.m. EST Friday August 5th, 2022 and include your Team name and Manager name in the description of the Interac e-Transfer.

TeamManagerAmount DueStatus
JFCFilip Jeremic$100🟒Paid
S L A V I J ABojan Samardzija$100🟒Paid
KDBx4Danijel Avlijas$100🟒Paid
PSV IbeensmokinMarko Cholic$100🟒Paid
Top 25 HopefullyIlija Milisic$100🟒Paid
Ko Je Poceo RatMladen Lucic$100🟒Paid
PanicsStefan Panic$100🟒Paid
Fk VikdamJuka Alimanovic$100🟒Paid
TOP 5 FCArandjel Djuric$100🟒Paid
Miscallaneous FCĐorΔ‘e C$100🟒Paid
FC Next SeasonIvan J$100🟒Paid
Rolo FCBranko Oluic$100🟒Paid
Living In HaulandBoris Stojkovic$100🟒Paid
Shiba ArmyZoran Crnogorac$100🟒Paid
Dragan's DalmatiansDragan Mijakovac$100🟒Paid
Ttodor beric$100🟒Paid
DeeKayDee Kay$100🟒Paid
Milisic fcPetar Milisic$100🟒Paid
K. Bobo VieriRade Cvijanovic$100🟒Paid
IMTNebojsa Milosevic$100🟒Paid
FC POLEMICSStefan Vlatkovic$100🟒Paid
fanatik1976Adrian Polgar$100🟒Paid
FC DonationMirko Misic$100🟒Paid
Smoke City FCIvan Vojinovic$100🟒Paid
FC PimpekGoran Radovic$100🟒Paid
Daddy's Boyzjakub kicinski$100🟒Paid
Van Der Trt MrtGoran Lakic$100🟒Paid
27 players total