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Filip Jeremic

Fractal Pioneer

·1 min·

I finished a side project! How often in life can a SWE say that? In 2011 I had the pleasure of taking an introductory computer graphics course taught by Dr. Robert Teather at McMaster University. At the time I was fascinated by fractals and computer hardware was just beginning to be fast enough to render them in real time. As my final project for the course I implemented a 3D fractal viewer which looked awful and ran very slowly at small resolutions.

One decade later I wanted to put my skills to the test and reminisce my university days by reimplementing the project with a more cinematic edge, followed by open sourcing the application and writing a technical writeup on how everything works.

Take a minute to relax and watch a video programmatically created by the
Fractal Pioneer - An Open Source Realtime 3D Fractal Explorer In 4K: