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Filip Jeremic


I’m a software developer working for Qualcomm on Machine Learning (ML) compilers and ML model performance simulations and projections on Qualcomm hardware. In the past I worked for IBM Canada on the Eclipse OpenJ9 and Eclipse OMR projects as a committer where I was heavily involved in contributing code, reviewing contributions, and open-source community involvement.

My passion is system’s level programming and in particular compiler development (static and dynamic), programming languages (design and implementation), machine learning, data science, parallelization, computer graphics, software protection, reverse engineering, and malware analysis.

I grew up in Serbia and moved to Canada at 11 years of age. We didn’t have much of a computer program at school, and growing up in the golden age of the internet era was mind blowing to me. I pursued my programming interest our of sheer curiosity on how computers worked, having played an abundance of computer games while growing up. My first exposure to programming was through reverse engineering of games. My teenage years were spent were filled with hours of looking at OllyDbg and IDA disassembly trying to understand how to inject code into games to make them behave differently. This turned out to be a great skill later on in my career working on compilers.

Today, I still peruse my interests through my various projects which are all open-source. I write about topics that interest me. I’m still a gamer, an avid soccer player, and a competitive Fantasy Premier League player (season history).

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